Dixon, H., "Endogenous frequencies and large shocks: price setting in Greece during the crisis"

March 2, 2023

Title: “Endogenous frequencies and large shocks: price setting in Greece during the crisis” 

Speaker: Professor of Economics Huw Dixon, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University.

Host:  Professor Philippopoulos Apostolos, Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business

Time: 15.30 -17.00

Room: A36

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Abstact: We utilize a unique micro price data set for Greece that underpins the Greek CPI. It spans almost two decades, during which Greece suffered a large economic shock. We find that during this time there were significant changes in the pricing behavior of Greek firms. We also find macro-economic developments such as annual inflation and output growth are important factors in determining the frequency and size of price changes. This leads to an intertemporal inflation dynamic linking current inflation to future price behavior and inflation. Utilizing the empirical estimates from the data, we combine a Taylor rule and Euler equation with the inflation dynamic resulting from the asymmetric impact of inflation on the frequency of price increases and the frequency of price decreases. The results of the simulations capture the Greek inflation developments well. Moreover, they also capture developments in the frequency of price increases and decreases seen in other economies and over different timeperiods.

02/03/2023 - 15:30 - 17:00