Workshop on "Measuring and Modeling Political Economy Aspects"

The Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) in collaboration with the Laboratory of Economic Policy Studies (EMOP) and the Econometrics Laboratory organizes a workshop on:

Measuring and Modeling Political Economy Aspects

13:00 pm – 20.15 pm, May 25, 2023, Athens, Greece

Conference Venue: The Econometrics Laboratory, Athens University of Economics & Business (Main Building, Derigny Wing, 5th Floor)

Host Institution: Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB)

Organizing Committee: Claire Economidou (University of Piraeus, Department of Economics), Tryphon Kollintzas (EMOP), Lambros Pechlivanos (AUEB, Department of International and European Economic Studies) and Vanghelis Vassilatos (AUEB, Department of Economics)

Financial support: Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI - ΕΛΙΔΕΚ, Project 11347501, The Insiders-Outsiders Society: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of The Politico – Economic System - IOS).

Ημερομηνία Εκδήλωσης: 
25/05/2023 - 13:00