Information Resource Management


Fall Semester
6 ECTS credits, Advanced Level

Course Objective (Expected Learning Outcomes and Competences to be acquired)

This is an advanced course on the management of information systems in organizations. Four main axes define the learning outcomes of the course:

  • The strategic role of IT in contemporary business and strategic planning for information resources and systems
  • The business role of IT as a tool for supporting and promoting business functions and management and the managerial skills associated with this role
  • The fundamental role of IT in developing and supporting new business models
  • The functional structure (department/ services) of IT in contemporary business, its human resources and management
  • Broader socio-economic aspects related to the use of IT in contemporary business

In this course, students are introduced to the basic themes and activities of the information systems manager in a business organization.


No prerequisite

Course Contents

No prerequisite

Recommended Reading

A series of articles/case studies will be provided in class

Teaching Methods

Lectures and Seminars. In the course of the seminars case studies will be analyzed and presented by student groups.

Assessment Methods

Written exams and presentation of case studies in the course of the seminars