iSocial Video Challenge

Το iSocial Video Challenge παρέχει σε μαθητές και πρωτοετείς προπτυχιακούς φοιτητές στην Ευρώπη, την ευκαιρία να παραδώσουν ένα βίντεο 2 λεπτών στο YouTube (Υποβολές: 29 Σεπ.-17 Οκτ. 2014).

Last updated: 23/09/2014

The iSocial Video Challenge provides high school and first-year undergraduate students in Europe with the opportunity to deliver a 2 minutes video in YouTube where the theme is: "Online Social Networks for Social Good".

The participants are expected to propose a novel way (new features or services) of using OSNs which would benefit the users or society at large. Teams of up to three students are eligible to participate, and videos will be judged by the iSocial consortium.

The videos will be evaluated taking into account the following questions:

  • How well is the proposed idea conveyed in the video?
  • How novel is the proposed idea?
  • What are the benefits of the proposed idea and what functionality does it bring to OSNs?
  • How realistic/feasible is to implement the proposed idea to current OSNs?

The winners will be invited to present their idea at the summer school in Como, Italy (September 2015). Their expenses (air tickets/accommodation) will be covered by the project.

Submissions are accepted online between September 29 and October 17. The URL of video should be sent at: