Interview with Dr. Keisuke Fujii, Associate Professor at Nagoya University

AUEB-Stats speaks Japanese and has a vivid discussion with Dr. Keisuke Fujii, Associate Professor at Nagoya University, Japan, who joined us as an esteemed speaker at the 8th AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop and Conference 2024 in Athens, Greece, adding immense value to our Event!

During the “AUEB SAW 2024 Speakers' Dinner,” Dr. Fujii gave a quick interview with Nymfodora-Maria Raftopoulou (Digital and Public Image, Department of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business), eagerly stating that “he uses machine learning to analyze sports" and that "he presented two basketball research papers throughout the Conference.”

The research papers presented were:

• Estimation of Counterfactual Outcomes in Basketball Games with Trajectory Prediction by Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University) and

• Impact of Player Combinations on Scoring Efficiency: Using Shooting Style Clustering Based on Wasserstein Distance by Kazuhiro Yamada (Nagoya University)

Thank you so much, Dr. Fujii, not only for your invaluable knowledge but also for enthusiastically and willingly engaging with us. Your insights have greatly enriched our Conference!

Watch the reel and stay tuned for more updates from AUEB SAW2024; there's more around the corner:

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